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Over the course of our programming, we will be talking with experts in noted fields to include:

Law, Business, Policy, Environmental Studies, Technology, Academia, and even Medicine. Topics are current and innovative…to cover a variety of issues and that affect, Consumers Businesspeople, and Everyone who wants to know more about the world they live in.

We will be discussing the tough and often heated issues including: Saving the Environment, Gov’t and Non-Gov’t Energy Initiatives, Spotlighting Policy Provisions that Affect Human Health & Wellness, Current and Proposed Food & Labeling Provisions–Even Issues at the Intersection of Law & Science–including Medical Interventions.

Business Topics Covered Include: Starting a Business, Developing a Business & Marketing Plan, Obtaining Financing, and becoming a Socially Responsible, Impact-Driven Business devoted to the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and profits.  Discussion includes Cutting-Edge Legal, Business, Social & Technology Issues that affect all Individuals and Businesses today–from those engaged in Social Media to Social Missions. All topics are intriguing, current, and will command your attention.

Some of our past programming has touched on New Tax Laws for Individuals & Businesses that went into effect in 2013 from noted Tax Experts. Other programming includes discussion of specific Business Entities that function to make this world a better place for Employees, Community, and Investors.

In addition, we will be interviewing our Legislators about new laws they sponsor–how they would affect our everyday life, our environment, our businesses, and our pocketbooks.

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