• Dirty Little Secrets the Oil & Gas Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!
    Dirty Little Secrets the Oil & Gas Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!
    Guest: Dr. Anthony. R. Ingraffea, PhD, PE-Cornell University; Two-Time Winner, National Research Council Award; Co-Editor-in-Chief: Engineering Fracture Mechanics

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New Releases

Part 1 ~ Toxic Teeth-Toxic Truth: Mercury, Amalgams & the FDA ~ See part 2 of ‘Toxic Teeth’ for more on whole-body health, & the successful litigation of this new toxic tort!

– Guest: Dr. Mark A. Breiner, DDS, Author of Award-Winning Book, ‘Whole-Body Dentistry’ & Founder of the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center is speaking out on Mercury/Amalgams, and how the FDA & EPA deems it to be hazardous waste everywhere–except placed in the human body.  Discussion includes what traditional dental and medical professionals overlook as the source of illness and disease. Also explored are issues of patient informed consent–knowing the options, and lobbying for dental reform to provide patient choice where government mandates there be none.  To learn more, see our two part series with Dr. Mark Breiner, only on The Legal Edition.

Part 2 ~ Toxic Teeth-Toxic Truth: Mercury, Amalgams & the FDA ~ More on How to Achieve Whole Body Health, & the First Amalgam Litigation Case in the US!

– Guest: Dr. Mark A. Breiner, DDS, Author of Award Winning Book, ‘Whole-Body Dentistry’ & Founder of the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center. Part 2 furthers the discussion on how to achieve whole-body health while bringing to light the first US toxic tort case where mercury amalgams were challenged in court as a source of severe disease and disability including MS  – with a positive outcome for the patient challenger! To learn more, see our two part series with Dr. Mark Breiner, only on The Legal Edition.

Autism & Environmental Toxins: Mercury, Medicine & Money

– Guest: Mark Blaxill – Advocate, Researcher, Author/Educator on the link between mercury, vaccines and autism. He has authored two books: Age of Autism, and Vaccines 2.0. Blaxill, has testified before US Congressional committees, and made numerous investigations that historically trace mercury to disease. Also explored, how the courts in Italy have produced rulings linking vaccines to autism–rulings that are continually being litigated and challenged in courts outside the US. Yet these rulings and challenges go unreported in the US–leaving many Americans in the dark. To learn how our government allows this to continue–watch this episode of The Legal Edition.

Vaccine Mandates: Greater Good or Greater Greed?

– Guest: Attorney Mary Holland – Research Scholar at NYU School of Law & Co-Author: Vaccine Epidemic. Explored: First Amendment Right rights as they relate to Religious Liberties, & the 1905 US Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts which provides guidance on vaccine-mandate legislation. Also discussed, the revolving door between our US government agencies charged with protecting the public, endemic ties to BigPharma, and Whistleblower case–where paid government scientist–now fugitive–falsified vaccine safety on MMR vaccine. An intriguing story of corruption, personal greed, and how lack of oversight by government agencies puts all Americans at risk.

Part 1 0f 2 – ‘Toxic Exposure – Toxic Truth’ The Real Story on Vaccine Injury

– Guest Panel of Experts: Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, MIT – Sr. Research Scientist; Dr. Richard Moskowitz, MD – Homeopathic Physician & Author; Attorney Kevin Conway – Vaccine Litigator (of A Civil Action fame). Discussion on the rules behind vaccine litigation, the difference between on table and off table injuries, the rules of evidence, and cases of illness and disease as they relate to vaccine injury tables and the VAERS -vaccine adverse event data reporting system. How Congress legislated long ago to limit the rights of the vaccine injured – to protect BigPhama & the Medical establishment, only on TheLegal Edition.