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Meet the Host & Producer of The Legal Edition–Legal, Business & Policy News–Attorney & Policy Analyst, Mary Kay Elloian, M.B.A., J.D., Esq. For More About the Host of The Legal Edition, follow Mary Kay on Facebook – ‘Like’ The Legal Edition on Facebook – Subscribe to The Legal Edition Channel on YouTube. Attorney Mary Kay Elloian is Chief Counsel, Business & Policy Strategist at Elloian Law & Consulting, located in MKE PhotoGreater Metro Boston, Massachusetts.

For over 25+ years, Attorney Mary Kay has assisted Legislators, Policy Makers, Small Businesses and Corporations in analyzing data & conducting research to make strategic assessments for effective Business Decision-Making, Policy Adoption, and in Market-Centric Approaches to growth and prosperity in both the Public & Private Sectors. Additional assistance to strategize product and service marketplace entry, and development and planning of new product launches and their accompanying legal and business concerns.

Attorney Elloian is well-known for lecturing & educating Corporate-Level Executives & Sr. Management in successful business & corporate policies, licensing of intellectual property, trade secret protection, cyber-security protocols, successful business policy management & negotiations, and choice of entity. Mary Kay draws on her years of experience as a Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur and her professional skills as an Attorney, Business & Policy Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer & Author to address the needs of clients–while at the same time empowering them with knowledge and information that is key to their own success. Mary Kay’s philosophy is that information is a vital source, and when individuals, businesses and policy-makers are given all the facts, potential scenarios amid likely outcomes–better and more informed decisions can be made leading to success. For this reason, Attorney Mary Kay has created ‘The Legal Edition’ Legal, Business & Policy News programming–to educate and empower to enable better decision making and thereby better and more informed choices–that is, by knowing the facts–knowing the questions to ask–and finally knowing how to fully prepare for a well-planned legal, business and policy journey.

Whether you are a small business, and enterprise or an individual…information awaits. For Questions or Requests for Upcoming Episodes of The Legal Edition programming, please visit our Contacts Page to send a message. For More Information about the the Host of The Legal Edition, see:  www.ElloianLaw.com The Legal Edition…Where Knowledge & Information Empowers!™


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