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Gerrymandering, Where to Draw the Line?

January 24, 2018-Recently, both the US Supreme Court and state courts have been taking up the highly controversial and highly politicized issue of political gerrymandering–that is the artificial manipulation of voting districts by those in state legislatures to favor the party in power–their own. It’s accomplished by these legislatures creating …

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Unanimous US Supreme Court Blasts Gorsuch on Special Education Case

June 18, 2017 – While Judge Gorsuch was recently sitting in confirmation hearings before the US Senate, his US Supreme Court peers were handing down a rebuke of a precedent he had set in motion in 2008–in the case of Thompson R2-J School District v. Luke P..  Thompson is now infamous case after a recent US Supreme court ruling in Endrew v Douglas County School District RE-1. As a result of this 2017 ruling, the “precedent” set by Gorsuch and his bench in Thompson, and subsequently applied to Endrew by Gorsuch and his bench was “vacated” by the US Supreme Court. What followed was a unanimous rebuke of his opinion from the Supreme Court Justices–and more pointedly Chief Justice Roberts writing for the Court.

Youth Plaintiff’s Suing US Gov’t Over Right to Inherit a Habitable Planet

Girls, Children, Tulips, Netherlands

April 23, 2017 – Just as Earth Day got unprecedented viewership with marches all over the US and the world, where scientists marched in droves to protect our planet, demand money not be cut by Drumpf administration for EPA and science exploration and research, a group of children may be in the best position to made adults squirm as so many callously disregard the next generation’s right to “inherit” a habitable planet as all previous generations have done.

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Trump, A President in Search of a Warrantless Intrusion

March 7, 2017 – Just as Donald Trump is bristling over what he contends is a warrantless intrusion into the caverns of Trump Tower and he’s beloved privacy-here are the real issues. First, the likelihood that there really is a wiretap is quite suspect–after reading the dossier by the former …

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