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Unanimous US Supreme Court Blasts Gorsuch on Special Education Case

June 18, 2017 – While Judge Gorsuch was recently sitting in confirmation hearings before the US Senate, his US Supreme Court peers were handing down a rebuke of a precedent he had set in motion in 2008–in the case of Thompson R2-J School District v. Luke P..  Thompson is now infamous case after a recent US Supreme court ruling in Endrew v Douglas County School District RE-1. As a result of this 2017 ruling, the “precedent” set by Gorsuch and his bench in Thompson, and subsequently applied to Endrew by Gorsuch and his bench was “vacated” by the US Supreme Court. What followed was a unanimous rebuke of his opinion from the Supreme Court Justices–and more pointedly Chief Justice Roberts writing for the Court.

Autism & Environmental Toxins: Mercury, Medicine & Money

Guest: Author Mark Blaxill, co-author of Age of Autism & Vaccines 2.0 discuss the effects of mercury in the environment. Mercury is one of the most potent neurotoxins to mankind, yet for centuries governments have allowed it to spew into the environment from coal-fired energy plants and diesel trucks, while …

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Court Rulings in Italy Link Vaccines to Autism!

October 15, 2015  – Will the ‘Age of Ignorance’ and Denial of Vaccine Damage in the US Come to a Close? And Will Our Congress Heed the Call of Parents Whose Children Have Needlessly Suffered and Died? Much has been discussed in the news to vilify those who question the …

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Out of Bounds? Legislative Actions Removing Vaccine Exemptions & Imposing Vaccine Mandates–Excessive–Overreaching–Unconstitutional?

May 13, 2015 – Jacobson v Massachusetts is a landmark 1905 US Supreme Court case that laid the groundwork for mandatory vaccination in time of catastrophic epidemic such as smallpox–not childhood illnesses that confer beneficial lifelong immunity such as measles and chickenpox. Notably, Jacobson did not mandate vaccination–it allowed for …

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