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The March of the Trumpeteers: It’s Not Lying..It’s Just Alternate Perception

March 2, 2017 – They marched in to the Congressional hearings, democrats played the warning–the bugle cry, but no one heeded the warning. The litany of Trumpeteers marched their way into Congress to sing their song of Ode to Joy, and then were made members of the marching band–with orders in hand, “no Russia” but sounds like they all are now playing a different tune.

First it was Flynn, who lied about conversations with the Russian ambassador, Mike Pence was bothered, because he backed up Flynn, but then learned he was lied to. Flynn broke the cardinal rule, can’t talk with foreign governments when you are but a mere citizen–that is before the presidential inauguration. Now he’s gone.

Then there is the incessant lies of Kellyanne–her rhetorical nonsense is continuous misspeak and jabber. No surprise now she’s being challenged on ethical violations for her “alternative facts” and unsolicited advertisements of all things “Ivanka Trump.”

Now we have Trumpeteer Sessions, who also said he didn’t speak to any Russians when was still Senator–but it appeared he did so twice–one recently. It appears Senator Clair McCaskill misspoke on twitter when she stated as a Member of the Armed Forces Committee she had never met with Russian officials, but her spokesperson clarified any meetings that occurred were as a Group of Senators had met on Russian adoptions – it appears that this clarification was necessary – due to her 140 twitter character limitation  – as she and other senators on her Armed Forces Committee do not regularly have one on one meetings with Russian officials, although it appears that then Senator Sessions did twice last year.

So what’s up with the Trumpeteers? Does everyone have Alzheimer’s – it appears none of them can remember who they spoke to, what they spoke about, and when they did it. It also appears that selective amnesia and doublespeak is a hallmark of this administration. On the bright side, we’ve only gotten started–and have just 3 years and 11 months to go!