Part 1 – ‘Toxic Exposure – Toxic Truth’ The Real Story on Vaccine Injury

Part 1 -- 'Toxic Exposure -Toxic Truth'-The Real Story About Vaccines-the Children They Injured-the Lives They Ruined

Roundtable Guests: Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., Sr. Research Scientist at MIT; Dr. Richard Moskowitz, M.D. & Homeopathic Physician; Attorney Kevin Conway, Vaccine Litigator, Boston, MA discuss the issues in vaccine litigation, the science and the real life cases, compensation, and treatment of vaccine-injured children. This is a compelling analysis of the Vaccine Litigation program which has paid out between $2 and $3 Billion dollars in vaccine injury, but has left many uncompensated, often with devastating illness. Discussion includes the science, the denials, and the means to assist vaccine injured children despite the government, pharmaceutical and medical establishment conflict of interests. Part 1 details the Vaccine Injury Litigation & Compensation process, the Vaccine Injury Table, the HPV vaccines, and their increased level of aluminum adjuvants.